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Ground geophysics circa 2023

If the signal from your deposit is there, the optically pumped potassium vapor magnetometer (k-mag) will detect it. ModernMag uses the most sensitive field-based commercial ground magnetic system on the planet. We help you find it the first time - which will save you time and money.


Leading edge, not bleeding edge

We have married proven, cutting edge technologies with magnetic surveying equipment to transform the way that your data is acquired. This means our solution is more accurate, reliable and safer than off-the-shelf magnetometers.


Our equipment won't let you down

Not all magnetometers have built-in navigation. Those that do are unreliable. Most other operators will carry handheld GPS units to navigate lines, which creates noise and degrades the value of your data. We have developed our own GPS solution which protects the safety of the operators and the quality of your data.


Ground geophysics unleashed

Look at any photo of a typical ground magnetic system and you will see a mess of external wires, awkward-looking backpacks and a MacGyver-inspired, pelican case box. Our custom solution is engineered to be self-contained which minimizes both noise and unnecessary delays. Our equipment is lighter and safer, saving you time and money.


Location, location, location

Avoid the financial pain and opportunity cost of missing a world class deposit because your tenements expired. We can help you to meet your annual expenditure requirements and unearth your deposit quickly and safely using the latest technology.


Accurate, safe and reliable geophysics surveys.


We design surveys optimised for the detection of your target while at the same time reducing overall survey costs.

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Data is acquired safely and efficiently by our experienced field teams using modern technologies.

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We specialise in processing ground and airborne geophysics data. Data products designed to illuminate your target are available on request.

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We sell and rent GEM Systems’ magnetometers. Custom lightweight and compact magnetometer backpacks are also available.

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