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GEM advanced magnetometers are ideal for geotechnical, archaeological, mineral and oil/gas surveys. Magnetic surveys are among the fastest and cheapest types of geophysical surveys. Large areas can be covered quickly and efficiently, especially if the magnetometer is towed in a non-magnetic cart.

GEM Systems magnetometers have built in navigation, lightweight lithium polymer batteries and negligible heading errors. Modern Mag sells and repairs GEM GSM-19 Proton, GEM GSM-19 Overhauser, and GEM GSMP-35 potassium magnetometers and gradiometers. VLF equipment is also available that integrates well with GEM magnetometers.

Modern Mag owns, operates, rents and sells all types of GEM Systems Magnetometers. We have been using GEM equipment for over 17 years. We chose GEM systems magnetometers for our contracting business since they are simply the best magnetometers for the job.

Modern Mag has recently developed a lightweight, compact back pack designed for interfacing with most magnetometer types from all manufacturers. Orders are currently being taking for this equipment. Feel free to contact us for magnetometer sales, support, spares, service and advice.

We are the official resellers of GEM Systems equipment in Australia. The price you pay us, is the same you would pay GEM Systems in Canada. Buying locally means Modern Mag can provide fast and experienced service and support. You also qualify for discounts on our custom backpack and PDA by buying through Modern Mag.

GEM systems of Canada are the only company to manufacture the Overhauser and “k-mag” magnetometers

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