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Magnetic survey data is acquired safely and efficiently by our experienced field teams using modern and efficient technologies.

We have experience working in some of the most inhospitable environments on earth. Hot or cold, we will get it done.

We use the most sensitive and accurate magnetometers commercially available, the GEM GSMP-35. These magnetometers are ideal for archaeology and geotechnical surveys. Lots of ground can be covered fast and accurately.

Our ground survey crews are very productive, in part due to the lightweight custom backpacks we have developed to house the GEM GSMP-35 k-mag and GEM GSM-19 Overhauser magnetometers.

Alternatively our UAV (drone) mag system can cover large areas quickly with the same GEM GSMP-35 potassium magnetometer technology.

A team of 4 mag operators on Baffin Island, Canada. Summer time survey

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