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The GEM Systems GSMP-35 (k-mag) used by Modern Mag is 4 times more sensitive than the Geometrics G858/9 and 10 times more sensitive than the GEM GSM19 Overhauser magnetometer*.

The k-mag also has a higher gradient tolerance than other magnetometers and is ideal for highly magnetic environments such as iron ore exploration. The k-mag has a negligible heading error (0.1nT) compared to the G858/9 (<1.5nT) which makes the k-mag ideal for mineral sands exploration.

The k-mag is available as an airborne survey magnetometer as the GEM GSMP35A. This magnetometer is ideal for UAV applications and comes in a lightweight shell.

Significant modifications have been made to the k-mag system as provided by GEM Systems to produce a miniaturized, lightweight, degaussed system with no external cables. The system has built in navigation and safety features. We are now offering this lightweight and compact backpack for sale. Please contact us for more information.

Real time data QC is automatically performed by the degaussed PDA thus improving survey efficiency. The PDA also contains many safety systems and additional efficiency tools.

Spare parts for critical systems are part of all field packs.

On site QA/QC is conducted each night in a matter of minutes using proprietary software. Data is backed up each evening, offsite.

*compared at a common sample rate of 1Hz

Conventional k-mag 2010

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