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Modern Mag at the ASEG conference in 2013

Modern Mag at the ASEG conference in 2013

Ground based magnetometer systems haven’t changed much in 12 years. The most recent change was in 2001 with the inclusion of a GPS in most magnetometers when selective availability was turned off. This greatly increased the efficiency of surveys since only one operator was required to conduct a survey and they could walk continuously without stopping to take readings.
The downside was that the magnetometer manufacturers did not put much thought into integrating the GPS with the magnetometer. In most cases, the height of the GPS antenna was now higher than the magnetometer sensor! This showed that the manufacturers were simply bolting on the GPS to their existing offerings, rather than redesigning the backpack and parts. Prime examples of this are the use of bolted on pelican cases, and the continued use of large and heavy lead acid batteries.
Modern Mag has engineered a magnetometer backpack that has no antennas above head height without compromising data quality. This equipment is lighter and has fewer external cables that can be damaged on trees. The compact design increases productivity, protects the magnetometer and is safer for the operator.
The backpack is currently compatible with all GEM Systems magnetometers and the Geometrics 858/859. Other magnetometer types are coming soon (Scintrex) or are available on request.
This product was on display at the ASEG conference in Melbourne at the Modern Mag/GEM systems booth and is now available for purchase.
Once you’ve used this backpack and seen how light and comfortable it is, you won’t use a magnetometer without it. Walking the line just got a whole lot easier.