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UAV magnetometer

A magnetometer installed in the nose of a UAV.

Airborne magnetic surveys using unmanned airborne vehicles need geophysical equipment that is lightweight. GEM Systems now sells an option for a lightweight electronics box case for the GSMP-35 “k-mag”.

Optically pumped magnetometers have lightweight sensors, but the electronics boxes can be heavy due to the case material and thickness. Any internal frame that binds two electronic PCBs together are usually made of thick brass.

GEM Systems now sells GSMP-35 potassium magnetometers with the option of a lighter and slightly narrower electronics case specifically for UAV applications.

Besides being lightweight, the potassium magnetometer is ideal for UAV applications due it the industry leading sensitivity, and negligible heading error. In gradiometer applications the base line (distance between sensors) is very important. The larger the distance the better, since the signal/noise ratio is increased. However on UAV gradiometer applications this wingtip distance is quite short, so it is even more important to have magnetometers with a very low noise levels. The k-mags have the lowest noise levels in the industry and are thus ideal.

Modern Mag manufactures our own cases for GEM systems magnetometers, and have engineering CAD diagrams and capabilities to fit a magnetometer on your UAV platform. We would be glad to assist.

Modern Mag is an official GEM Systems Advanced Magnetometers agent. Feel free to contact us for more information.