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UAV magnetometers

GSMP35UP UAV magnetometers

UAV magnetometers need to be light. The GEM Systems GSMP35U “DroneMag” magnetomer weighs in at less than 1kg. It is based on the proven and reliable GSMP35 ground based magnetometer GEM pioneered over 10 years ago.

Optically pumped Potassium vapor magnetometers are more accurate and have less of a heading error than their Cesium variants.

UAV Magnetometers available

There are many versions of this magnetometer:

  1. The GSMP35U alone is $17,500, while the version that integrates with a Pixhawk flight controller (GSMP35UP) is $21,000.
  2. The GSMP35UC “Special” can be installed on any UAV and includes a laser altimeter, GPS, Inertial Measurement unit and Digital Acquisition System. This unit is $32,000
  3. The GSMP35UC is the same as above but also includes a radio link (15km) to the magnetometer and a panansonic toughbook base station. This unit is $54,500
  4. For those that need a turnkey, ready-to-fly system, there is the Airbird, which includes all of the above,  plus an aerodynamic bird. This unit is AUD$64,000

All systems come with software and the required cabling.

Experienced After Sales Support

Modern Mag has been operating GSMP35UC UAV magnetomers for almost 2 years now, and the GSMP35 for over 10 years. We can provide comprehensive after sales service and support.