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GEM systems of Canada are the only company to manufacture the Overhauser and "k-mag" magnetometers.

GEM systems of Canada are the only company to manufacture the Overhauser and “k-mag” magnetometers.

Modern Mag is now the exclusive supplier of GEM systems equipment in Australia.

The price you pay us, is the same manufacturers retail price (MRP) you would pay GEM Systems in Canada. Buying locally means the sales commission stays in Australia and Modern Mag can provide fast and experienced service and support. Buying direct from Canada places the sales commission in the personal bank account of a Canadian salesperson, and frankly we know more about using the GEM equipment in the field, like you will, than the salespeople at GEM. Keep it local and everyone benefits.

GEM has a high turnover of overworked sales staff. It can take them quite a while to return calls and emails, especially with such a difficult time zone difference. However the engineers at GEM are elite. If you need a magnetometer, look no further than GEM systems advanced magnetometers. They are the only company that manufactures Overhauser and Potassium magnetometers. These magnetometers are orders of magnitude more sensitive than proton and cesium magnetometers.

GEM is the ONLY company that provides navigation with ALL of their GPS enabled magnetometers.

You don’t just want the magnetometer to tell you where you have been. You want it too also tell you where to go. If someone tries to sell you a 20 year old piece of technology with a bolted on GPS and pelican case, tell them where to go! They are not field worthy. They are way too heavy and hook on trees. No fear though. If you have one of these big, heavy and wirey magnetometers with lead acid batteries, Modern Mag can help. We have developed an aftermarket backpack that can lighten your load. This backpack protects the magnetometer, improves data quality, increases productivity and is safer to use in the field.

But really, you should have bought a GEM magnetometer. GEM magnetometers are the best for the job. Period. That is why Modern Mag uses them for all our ground magnetic survey contracts. We have done thousands of line kilometers with GEM magnetometers. We can help you choose the right magnetometer for your job too. Failing that, if you don’t feel like walking hundreds or thousands of kilometers –we can do that for you! We offer ground magnetic surveys with potassium magnetometers worldwide.