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magnetic surveys in Australia

An independent geophysicist recently compared datasets from Modern Mag and the supposed ground magnetic industry leader over the same coal tenement.


The results “were a caning” in the words of our most senior operator. The independent consultant wrote:

  • Modern Mag have provided a superior service on this occasion
  • [dethroned industry leader]  needs to provide better grids and initial and final data together in databases
  • Modern Mag data had good gridding and produced a neater product which clearly defined magnetic domain boundaries better and behaved better under grid filtering, which is the preferred tool for interpreting this type of data especially if ordered lines are not possible during acquisition. [the dethroned industry leader’s survey path was extremely erratic!!]
  • [dethroned industry leader] acquisition data looked noisy. May need to pay more attention to acquisition style in the field.
  • Obvious geological features from an airborne survey were detected again in [the Modern Mag] data at better resolution.
  • [dethroned industry leader] should improve their customer service and data delivery, and provide explanation of products and in more concise format
  • Modern Mag data was delivered in a well ordered fashion with binary and ascii databases, grids and images and report all concisely presented in different directories.
  • These are the unbiased opinions of the reviewer.

The independent reviewer was quite disgusted with the lack of interest the dethroned industry leader had regarding their coal clients data. He said “[dethroned industry leader] was unhelpful on approach and failed to supply required database with raw and final products.

Really though, I am not surprised that Modern Mag is now the (self-confessed!) industry leader in the ground magnetic survey arena. We have spent significant amounts on research and development. First we use the world’s most sensitive exploration magnetometers. Second we take these potassium magnetometers and customise them for even better data quality, safety and production rates. We use 6 year old technology. Everyone else uses  >25 year old technology.

We care about you and your data. We give you a comprehensive report with clear descriptions of what we did and why –and we do this within 7 days of the completion of the survey. We are not trying to hide our data. We are proud of it. We know we have the best data quality of any ground magnetic surveyor in Australia. Ground Magnetics is our specialty. That is all we do.

So get your ground magnetic surveys in Australia or beyond done right the first time by someone that cares about your success. Contact Modern Mag today – the industry leader in ground magnetic surveying.