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Marine Magnetic Survey

AquaMag conducting a marine magnetic survey

Modern Mag now has marine magnetic survey capabilities. The Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron (RMYS) recently developed a new marina. While the sea floor had been dragged with a chain to collect items on the sea floor, management was concerned that there was still lots of junk on the sea floor that could be hit by boat keels. Much of the “junk” was expected to be heavy ferrous items that boat owners could moor their boats too. Items such as tram wheels and engine blocks are common. Modern Mag used our new AquaMag system to detect lots of junk still on the sea floor not removed by the chain dragging. Modern Mag installed two GSMP-35 potassium magnetometers on a waterproof and non-magnetic platform. The modified sea kayak system had an electric motor installed far out in front of the kayak, while the worlds most sensitive magnetometers where well out the back. This separation, and the fact that the magnetometers where used in gradiometer mode, meant that no interference from the electric motor was seen at the sensors.

The potassium magnetometers are declassified military technology originally developed for submarine detection. Hence the data quality was excellent and the spatial resolution was better than 0.7 metres thanks to two Novatel OEMstar GPS units being used in tandem. Quite a large area of the marina was covered in a day. The results were presented to the marina manager a mere 7 days after the survey ended. The report contained a list of the targets selected, their location and priority. Larger and more magnetic targets where given a higher priority. Color A4 sized plots of each target where presented in the report.

Modern Mag’s new AquaMag system would be ideal for any shallow marine ferrous target detection magnetic surveys.

Marine Magnetic surveys by Modern Mag.